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  Operation Feed the People has been created to help make sure that no one in the Boulder Creek, Ca community goes hungry.   We are also committed to helping make sure that everyone in our community has access to essential living supplies.

  Normally we host a weekly gathering, but during this time of social distancing & pandemic safety, we will  be providing frozen TO GO meals, vegetarian soup, bags of fresh produce, non-perishable foods, and a variety of essential living supplies at Boulder Creek Community Church in Boulder Creek, California every Wednesday from 5-7pm.  This is a drive through location so folks can remain in their cars and a volunteer will help you out. 

  This is a great opportunity for any folks to load up on supplies and guarantee that everyone has access to nutritious food during these tough times. Food will be served in sealed, sanitized togo containers that have been packaged in a sterile environment. 

  We will also be providing essential living supplies and basic groceries. We ask that everyone respect proper distancing and wear gloves & masks if you are able. If you'd like to remain in your car, please pull into the handicapped spot and a volunteer will assist you. 

ALL are welcome who come in peace.

  Regardless of your race, religion, political views, criminal history, or substance abuse problems if you are hungry, you deserve access to food.

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